Sahaj Software - Simplifying Business Process by Providing Simple Solutions to complex Problems

CIO Vendor Whether large or small, an organization that is considering the possibility of introducing agile practices needs an adoption plan which can guide teams to tackle this change in a controlled manner. However adopting agile Software is not a walk in the park as the company will have to face numerous internal and external problems like, the software tools to be used, customer issues, , and most importantly, Budget management where a the ROI and the TTM factors will have to be scrutinized carefully.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Sahaj Software Solutions has an extensive experience working with its clients across varying Domains like Education, Banking, E-commerce (Product Companies), Consulting, Networking, Publishing and Retail. Sahaj has an ample background in developing solutions on an open hardware platform while using Open Source Software extensively.

Sahaj proffers solutions like Service design, Technology and Delivery services, Consulting and Technology Enablement

Sahaj’s in-house solutions consultants, who are armed with the latest business acumen, believe in a holistic approach, wherein they provide simple technical solutions to complex problems. Combining its experienced and skilled consultants along with time-tested methodologies, Sahaj has been successful in engineering practices that simplify lives.
“Sahaj realizes that while current market is setting the competition bar higher and higher, the technical solution provided by service vendors is getting more complex by each passing day. This has led to a de trop dependency on these service vendors leading to Monopolistic Service Lines. And we at Sahaj question this dependency,” says Akash Agrawal, Co-Founder at Sahaj Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Working closely with their customer, Sahaj reduces the Time-To-Market by their user-centric approach that is backed by strategies around evolutionary designs, iterative and test –driven development, automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Sahaj proffers solutions like Service design, Technology and Delivery services, Consulting and Technology Enablement.

Samvid, Sahaj’s product for the visually impaired that helps them to board busses easily is a result of their extensive research and concept trials. Samvid combines mobile and Bluetooth technologies to provide a simple solution that consists of two parts- a low energy beacon that is on the bus allowing the bus to radiate its presence and a receiving device which can interact when in range and notify the person with audio feedback. The receiving device can either be a phone with the Samvid app running or a customer wearable device would also allow the visually impaired to change his/her bus number or destination so that he/she can be notified when the right bus arrives. Furthermore, Sahaj has been successful in developing a community driven cab share mobile application for an Australian entity in less than 12 weeks from the ideation stage which helped the client capture the right market at the right time. Additionally, Sahaj was also fruitful in reducing losses due to outages and improving the overall customer experience by improving the uptime and the reliability of its system for an online taxi service client.

Sahaj takes prides in its In-House teams as the entire company is built on a trust and empowerment. In order to cultivate a mindset that would come up with the right solutions for their clients while keeping their best interests at heart, Sahaj has put away with the role/grade based barriers. Since its inception 18 months ago, Sahaj has come a long way. The company aspires to be the solution provider for companies that need to build a unique product with differentiated features while carefully scrutinizing the speed to market and effectively dealing with the ROI concerns.