Solutions IQ - Furnishing Agile solutions across domain borderlines

CIO Vendor There is a paradigm shift in the atmosphere of the business due to changing tides in the sea of technologies. Traditional project managements have been replaced by a more flexible, simple and yet symbolic agile software technologies. There are many agile players who yearn to provide good agile business capabilities for managing innovation and businesses through their own patterns. One among the key players is the Bangalore based Solutions IQ, who have been engineering many Agile
softwares such as XP and Agile design to help companies establish a suitable business environment by promoting , growth, delivery and improvement in the development life cycle management. Working on the three principle, viz , swift transformation of ideas, adapting cutting edge technology and high quality development, Solutions IQ has been successfully empowering companies to convert into an agile enterprise from the executive land management levels to the team and individual levels. So far the company has extended the sentience of expertise to the industries such as healthcare, consulting and banking and finance. Besides, the company has embarked in a mission to train the hands of the executives of companies, with the leitmotif to transform them to world class agile leaders. To achieve the feat solutions IQ acquaints the managers to the agile mindset and enables them to build better products agile values and principles.