TenX Labs- TaaS to help organizations roll out applications faster and cheaper

CIO Vendor During the past decade agile software development has gained great momentum and found its way to an overwhelming number of organizations in different domains. Agile methods backed by a wide range of industry best practices can help reach and maintain first mover advantage. Although the initial focus of agile methods has usually been centred on the efficiency of the team as a unit of operation, recently there has been a movement towards scaling agile methods up to the enterprise level. However concerns such as inadequate test coverage, detection of defects and inadequate testing of key aspects of enterprise integration such as APIs, web services etc have led enterprises to lookout for specialist testing solution providers with deep domain and test process capabilities.

TenXLabs’ in-house automation engineers backed by its Test Labs are well versed in their domain, test processes and technologies so as to deliver significant value to its clients

Headquartered in Hyderabad, TenXLabs provides TaaS (Testing as a Service) with standard plans that clients can choose from be it for test automation, performance testing, mobiletesting or test execution. Right from the design to the application launch, TenXLabs helps companies in all aspects of testing. With the right mix of tools and methodologies backed by domain skills, TenXLabs helps companies to identify application
performance issues and helps them re-engineer their applications to meet the scale and performance that is imperative in this competitive market.

“We provide our clients the flexibility of On-demand services for all aspects of testing needs including performance testing –at costs that are unheard of – supporting disparate enterprise applications, be it web apps, mobile apps or legacy applications and across financial services and other domains. ,” says Madhu Murthy, Founder & President TenXLabs. Furthermore, TenXLabs’ Performance monitoring services for Mobile and Web apps helps companies to reduce superfluous outages.

The company’s approach to automation evolves around the customer’s regression testing needs and is based on the essence of maximum test coverage, ease of use and cost effectiveness that is estimated by a quick feasibility study. The company uses open source tools to create customer specific frameworks that can later be used by Client’s without the need to have deep technical understanding of the underlying code. This leads to trimming down excess outages. TenXLabs’ in-house automation engineers backed by its Test Labs are well versed in their domain, test processes and technologies so as to deliver significant value to its clients. For instance, a well established Life Insurance company with a distribution network consisting of more than 30,000 life insurance advisors approached TenXLabs as the company was facing challenges in managing and handling test data which was vital to validate different product lines. The company sought to build a sustainable operating model by reducing costs. TenXLabsdeployedits proprietary “Insurance automation framework” that led to seamless handling of all functions, transactions and products codes in the application. In addition to this, there was a marked improvement in the test accuracy and application coverage.

TenXLabs helps its clients reduce licensing costs by using open source tools in lieu of COTS tools. Furthermore, coupled with the company’s expertise in having helped banks and Insurance companies improve their speed to market initiatives, its alliances and expertise in leveraging Cloud based service providers for testing of mobile apps and web apps further helps TenXLabs to offer a wide range of solutions at much lower prices than many others.TenXLabs sees itself as a leading player in the ‘digital assurance’ space providing state of the art testing solutions with innovative engagement models.