Verbat Technologies - Redeeming enterprises from travails through Agile technologies

CIO Vendor Agile technologies are evolving rapidly amongst companies who are traditionally non agile but wish to join the agile bandwagon to get higher levels of satisfactory results. But, to avail the benefits of agile, the enterprises must seek the expertise of connoisseurs who host years of experience in providing proper agile software solutions to befit the needs of the organizations. Rising from the backwaters of god’s own country Kerala, and with service centers in UK, US and UAE Verbat
Technologies has been delivering internet and mobile solutions to enterprises, through agile development and application management methodologies since the company’s inception 15 years ago. Hosting a deep-seated wisdom in the domain of Microsoft, open source, mobile and cloud technologies, has helped Verbat technology, to cater to the needs for enterprises across retail and manufacturing, travel &transportation, and financial services to name a few. Besides, the company has also endeavored to show its loyalty to the trusted clients, such as Qatar Airways, Intel, Indian Embassy (UAE) by proffering to them a concoction of cost efficient, operational control and flexible delivery model for impeccable business engagements.

Verbat technology is endeavoring to build a reputation as one of the most sought after agile service providers in the coming future, by extending the company’s wisdom across domain border lines