Zerone Consulting - Zeroing in on SCRUM to Expedite Agile Software Transitions

CIO Vendor The fact that Agile methodology has achieved mainstream status is clearly supported by anecdotal evidence and surveys, such as one by VersionOne, in which 84 percent of respondents replied in the affirmative that their organization was indeed employing Agile development methods. Although agile development eclipses Waterfall methodologies for software development, it cannot be denied that agile development come with their own set of challenges. For instance, agile methodologies compress development time into sprints, which can run from one to several weeks.

Zerone provides services such actional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing and Usability Testing

In certain Scenarios businesses require an even faster turn-around, for example companies providing Business Intelligence and Analytics needs to enhance their applications continuously. Following SCRUM, Zerone Consulting, Headquartered in Kochi,recently helped a client who dealt with providing Analytics, to transit to agile software efficiently. SCRUM is an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology for managing product development. “The ideal duration of a sprint is two to four weeks, but we customized the process to such a degree that we were
able to reduce the sprint to a day. The requirements were developed and tested overnight so that it could be deployed successfully the next day.

We did this so as to stay true to our motto, ‘Zerone customizes our proven methodology to the context, culture and conditions of your company’,” saysJeyash Puthuparambil, CEO Zerone Consulting. Furthermore, the company proffers innovative web applications that have lead to clients resulting in a marked increase in their customer satisfaction while trimming excess outages and reducing the time to market. Similarly, Zerone provides offshore Product Development Services to Global ISVs and enterprises by combining the in-house technology expertise with domain expertise thereby proffering fail-proof solutions to their clients.

Zerone provides services such actional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing and Usability Testing that ensures the quality and integrity of the application features and functionality, while addressing scalability and performance of theirclient’s software applications.The company employs scalable technical architectures to with stand frequent strategic changes that would otherwise entail significant variations to the applications. This ensures that the developed applications do not waver in terms of robustness. Leveraging Zerone’s previous expertise in conversion and migration, reverse engineering, application re-write and architectural restructuring, the company provides Application Re-engineering services to its clients. The service facilitates clients to effectively sort out operational and performance issues within the current application portfolio, hencemaintaining stability and cohesion. This further leads to aiding the clients to reduce costs associated with maintaining old and poorly documented legacy system. Along the same line, the company proffers services such as Data Mining, Querying & Reporting, Multidimensional OLAP, Data Integration to name a few.

With a track record of over 400 complex project executions, Zerone believes that only those companies that can adapt to the dynamic business environment can survive in today. Relying on their agility and technical excellence, Zerone consultancy is on the road to help their clients to experience a smooth and prompt transition to agile software applications.