Zitima - Showcasing efficacious Agility via ‘Paperless Office Automation

CIO Vendor Enforcing an Agile style of development means adding more management, not less. Usually, it becomes a vindication for escalating micromanagement. Adding to it is a daunting decision, whether a business would benefit from custom software packages or not. Thus, choosing between off-the-shelf technology and custom development is never simple unless one understands organization’s unique desires and needs. Rendering efficient software solutions with adherence to client’s needs is ZITIMA, based in Hyderabad that emphasizes on the Customer and Quality, and targets to burgeon in market based on its quality factor. The company believes that an efficient process execution cannot be achieved only with an effective planning and availability of accurate information, until the organization exercises validations and check at various stages.

BigData Solutions of ZITIMA proffers the means to measure and manage the organization’s performance and help determine the ways to strengthen company’s performance for long term

ZITIMA ensures an efficacious organizational functioning with its integrated platform- ‘Paperless Office Automation’ and clinches the procurement of its agenda, of an effective functioning, with quick analysis, audit and reviews for amendments during the process.
ZITIMA apprehends the organizational structure, needs and pain points of its clients, and bestows its customers with effective solutions for budgeting, planning, resource allocation, automatic tracking and alerting for deviation and adherence of the process with automated audit checks and various reports with detailed analysis.

BigData Solutions of ZITIMA proffers the means to measure and manage the organization’s performance and help determine the ways to strengthen company’s performance for long term. “Digitizing every employee, department, process and service, we analyze the unproductive and negative employee & management behaviors.” says ZITIMA’s Co-Founder, Pradeep Chaudhary.

ZITIMA’s Digital Publishing Solutions exercises fully automated approach, from picking up the prepress pages to final publishing of the digitized content of Magazines or Newspapers. “The prepress pages go through various levels of verification and validations and once the pages are verified to meet all the specified criteria the actual process of generating the digital interactive edition begins.” quoted Santosh Krishna, Co-Founder of ZITIMA. Besides, the company furnishes its solutions with media rich features like 360* Degree View, GPS mark-up and directions, Audio and Video integration, Opinion Polls, Surveys, Picture Slide Shows and Full Page Animations.

Readers nowadays, desire maximum flexibility, varying from availability of content when- where- how and to the device platform they desire. ZITIMA invigorated this trend and extended tools/services (like ReadersMagic and ReadersHub) and availed its publishers to publish content on all digital platforms like web, tablet, mobile, and other eReaders; enabling readers to search the content of their choice and read, listen, view and as well interact with the content. ZITIMA took the initiative of making content more interactive, compact and future ready, abiding with the accessibility feature across Existing and future media and devices .

ZITIMA currently succors clients in over 13 countries, under different time zones with notable number of returning and referral customers. The company aims at proliferating its services to new trade verticals and serve unattended geographical territories across the globe in the upcoming years.