Leadership Tribe: Facilitating Customer Value Delivery By Unlocking Business Agility

CIO Vendor Today almost every business entity is making a shift towards customer-centric business strategies from the conventional product-centric business approaches using Agile methodologies, considering the high competitiveness that digital revolution has brought. While Agile methodologies enable business to increase the happiness index of the organization and better serve their customers by adding the human element, the road to successful implementation of agile is not easy as Agile Transformation comes with its own set of challenges such as failure in communicating the vision of the organization, reluctance in adapting to new organizational culture and structural changes, etc.

Hence, businesses are looking for an expert consulting firm that can help them undergo successful Agile Transformation and deliver real value to their customers.

Comprehensive Agile Implementation Services
Leadership Tribe is a globally trusted Agile Consulting firm providing Agile Transformation services. Working with various sectors in IT and Non-IT including Banking, Insurance, Auditing, Marketing, Engineering, and so on. A trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions. The company enables successful Agile Transformation using the power of ‘Why’ and various techniques to clearly understand the vision, short-term and long-term goals of an organization undertaking the transformation.

“We first start engaging with strategic leadership of the organization to understand their vision, opportunities and value they desire to achieve from the transformation. We believe that every organization is unique. Accordingly, we deliver services as per their requirements,” says Col Ranjeev K Babu, VSM - Director, Leadership Tribe.

The company’s Agile Transformation offerings include Agile Consulting, Agile Implementation, Agile Assessment, Agile Facilitation services. “We identify risks and dependencies of the organization and come up with an action plan for a period of six months. We ideate with the Senior Leadership on the current state and the desired state of their business.
On the outcomes of the engagement, our coaches work closely with the client to achieve the Objective & Key Results (OKRs).” he adds explaining about their Agile Implementation services.

Collaborative Agile Coaching and Trainings
Apart from Agile Transformation services, Leadership Tribe also provides agile training and coaching services. Leadership Tribe has been helping organisation’s leadership with its coaching services and enhance their capabilities so as to secure the future of their organisation.

We First Start Engaging With Strategic Leadership Of The Organization To Understand Their Vision, Opportunities And Value They Desire To Achieve From The Transformation

“It is not an instructional course but a collaborative process to equip leaders with the relevant skills needed for successful execution. We use techniques of military leadership, corporate leadership, NLP, behavioural sciences in various stages for individual training programs and organisation consulting programs,” informs Ranjeev who comes from an Armed Forces and Behavioural Sciences background.

When it comes to Agile training services, the company is authorized to provide trainings on behalf of ICAgile, and they also provide trainings in Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Design Thinking, Scrum Alliance, Kanban, ICAgile, SAFe, etc.

Currently, Leadership Tribe is providing Agile Transformation services to some of the reputed organization from health and fitness, banking, finance, auditing, universities, education, retail, structural engineering, and business solutions sectors. As an expert agile consulting company with clients across India, the US and the UK, Leadership Tribe does not just follow agile methodologies but indulges Organization's Leadership in all levels of transformation. This enables them to improve employee satisfaction levels and deliver better value to their customers. Moving ahead, the company is aggressively planning more training and facilitation programs across metropolitan cities in India.