Praxman Consulting: Ensuring Continued Success of Enterprises by Agile Operational Transformation

CIO Vendor Agile Transformation market in India has been witnessing quite a promising growth, and has become crucial for organizations to drive flexibility and productivity in meeting every business expectation, eradicating any challenges and enabling a sustainable growth. Ensuring quicker TAT, faster ROI, and better realization of business senses are some of the major parameters that organizations are expecting from agile transformation. However, the road to a successful agile transformation is not an easy one owing to varied expectations from each organization.

As agile transformation changes the fundamental DNA of an organization, from impacting its operational models to the culture as a whole, there are constant challenges like failure to communicate vision and strategy for an agile transformation, failing to adopt a new organizational culture, resistance to change and inadequate support, to name a few.

Addressing these challenges after understanding every pain-point that acts as hindrance to a successful agile transformation, Praxman Consulting, led by adept industry practitioners with combined experience of more than 55 years has made its mark as a 360 degree Agile Transformation solution company. Its end-to-end deliverability approach ensures that every expectation of the clients is met to the fullest, whether it is in terms of reducing costs, increasing productivity, or traffic center efficiency.

With high quality of consulting / training expertise and flawless delivery, the company has been driving immense value to its clients for the time and money they have invested. It perfectly understands one’s business environment, strategy, challenges, processes, and culture, and then seamlessly integrates people process and technology for facilitating successful transformation.

Delivering 360 Degree Agile Transformation Solution One of the company’s major USPs is its robust Agile Transformation framework – PRAXAGILE, which is an end-to-end Agile Transformation Solution. Utilizing this framework, Praxman Consulting begins transformation with thorough organizational assessment and health checks; thereby helping in better understanding the vision, team structure, governance and protocol, and also the metrics and tools needed for a seamless transformation process.
Then, by ensuring everything is in place, Praxman Consulting conducts transformation by forming team, training and coaching them and hand holding them for several iterations. After several iterations, final assessment and health check are initiated, targeted coaching and sustainable plan are carried out; thus ensuring seamless and sustainable transition to agile practices.

One of the company’s major USPs is its robust Agile Transformation framework – PRAXAGILE, which is an end-to-end Agile Transformation Solution

“We make sure that the process is implemented in accordance to the unique business requirement of our clients. Thereby, we ensure that our clients become capable of running the show on their own. Furthermore, we provide continued support with targeted coaching to help them efficiently sustain the transformation in future,” explains Ravish Subramanya, Co-Founder & Director of the company.

More to services than meets the eye Furthermore, Praxman Consulting offers Program and Project Management consulting which significantly aids in defining and establishing consistent project management processes and standards supporting the entire project life cycle. They also have strong capabilities in DevOps consulting which makes them the perfect fitting partner who can help organizations in aligning development and operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds.

Moreover, Praxman has been offering services including platform, cloud and tools consulting as well. All these capabilities have been empowering Praxman Consulting to bag-in numerous successful use cases across many industries globally today. Currently, the company is working on its ambitious project with its affiliates for one of the overseas Government, while also having numerous projects in the pipe-line, nationally and globally.