PremierAgile: Assisting Organizations to Achieve Success by Staying Digitally Progressive

CIO Vendor Organizations are looking at transforming from traditional working models to a new way of working. They realize that this is possible by upgrading themselves with continuous learning opportunities in the areas of Agile and Scrum. They are looking for partners who can uplift their overall organization by training the workforce in cutting edge frameworks and help them in staying digitally progressive. PremierAgile specializes in Agile Consulting, Training, Coaching and Transformation services. With its unmatched learning programs powered by globally recognized Scrum Alliance flagship certifications such as CSM, CSPO and A-CSM, it assists organizations to take their success to new heights. ‘We don’t only train workforce, but we travel with you during your organization’s learning journey,’ says Suresh Konduru, Founder, PremierAgile.

PACER and Exepedia are two in-house solutions developed by PremierAgile that can aid organizational transformation. PACER helps organizations to build great customer products and services. This framework enables early feedback and collaboration in contrast to a traditional way of working. Built on Scrum, the framework defines an iterative cycle of activities to build products incrementally – be in software, hardware, manufacturing, banking, marketing and more. Exepedia is a coaching model that helps create alignment during organizational transformations across the leaders and senior executives.

This model, created in collaboration with others, consists of a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to help leaders co-create a shared transformation vision and align on a collaborative execution plan. The Know-Believe-Achieve coaching model aids leaders to transform organizations. Launched at a world-wide event - Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017, this model is currently being used by multiple organizations – large and small. PremierAgile also built OD-Agile intelligence and analytics that assist organizations in many facets of their development drives.
The lead coach and trainer Suresh Konduru created guidance on ‘Agile Product Metrics’ from his real-world experiences in Agile transformation and coaching. This consists of a comprehensive 101 metrics adopted by several Agile teams across the world. These will help measure and manage performance of products, services, business processes, team performance etc.

PremierAgile offers its services to multiple sectors including banking & finance, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, aerospace, marketing, consulting, services and many more. The company has successfully assisted organizations to move beyond their traditional work processes to new and advanced ways of working. This has given organizations an edge over your competitors in terms of Time to Market, Profits, Customer Satisfaction, De-Risking, Compliance etc. Its training programs are based on Neuro-Science learning and research conducted for over 50 years. The Brain Science techniques help learners to experience real-time learning both in physical classrooms or virtual training sessions.

PremierAgile creates and leverages an exclusive guidance ‘Training Scrum from the Back of the Room’ that helps learning easier and effective than ever. The company helps participants enact real-time situations and perform simulations while they learn. The workshops also run the participants through several non-software industry related scenarios and examples. ‘We train associates, not only from the global corporations, but also from Universities, Schools, Governments, NGOs and alike,’ says Suresh Konduru, Founder, PremierAgile.

The founders of the company have an unmatched global corporate experience of nearly 50 years in technology, project delivery, management, entrepreneurship, coaching and consulting. Its trainers are amongst the first few accredited global trainers by Scrum Alliance which is the largest non-profit body for Scrum, based in the USA. Currently, PremierAgile runs a recurring event ‘PremierWednesday’ where it brings exclusive learning events on Wednesdays for free.

These events are conducted in the form of Webinars, Meet-ups, Online training sessions, Case-studies, Debates etc. These help associates and companies globally in their continuous learning pursuit, knowledge acquisition and career growth. Suresh, being the lead coach of PremierAgile also runs the ‘ASK’ program which is a lifelong free mentoring program for his students registered through PremierAgile. ‘ASK’ is an exploratory platform to find answers for questions related to advancement of professional careers and real-world implementations.